So sad today for Andrew & Walter & Danielle & Judy Koenig

On Friday, February 26, 2010, in FF News, by Les

A very long time ago, my high school best friend invited me to a comic convention in San Diego, that had a lot of Star Trek stuff going on. And in the glass elevator at the El Cortez, we met Walter Koening and his little son Andrew who must have been no more than two or three at the time. Even in a quick fan-type moment that was over too quick, it was clear that Walter was very proud of and deeply loved his son.

I only saw a couple of episodes of “Growing Pains”, so I never knew that “Boner” was that little boy. Never made the connection. Not until the last couple of very bad days.

And Vancouver is one of my favorite cities, so I know how grey and dreary and cold it can be.

I only wish that those who take their own lives in horrific pain can’t fake it first to see how many people around the world, people they don’t even know and can’t remember meeting, truly loved them. Not to mention their families, friends, mere acquaintances, and fans. If they did, no one would ever, even in the midst of horrible depression, feel they were alone, and they’d know who to go to for help, and know that they would never, ever, be a bother.

Andy has gone on to a much better place than this world, and we all are poorer for losing him. I only wish he could have felt a bit of how much he’d changed everyone’s lives who met him, even if only for less than a minute, coming out of a glass elevator, his hand tight in his Daddy’s.

That’s how I will always remember him.

Deepest and heartfelt wishes for his family, friends, loved ones, and fans.


Hello world, here’s song that we’re singin’!

On Monday, February 1, 2010, in FF News, by Les

Hi! Welcome to the new blog! I thought the black and white design would be a nice change from the rest of the website, hope you like it. This blog will be used primarily to post the weekly youtube videos we’ll be shooting, so I won’t be repeating much of what I say in the videos.

So that’s it. First video (along with the rest of the new website) should be up in a week or two, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all online and in person! Thanks for all your interest and support!