On Wednesday, July 21, 2010, in FF News, by Les

I haven’t posted or updated the website in a bit because we’ve been working very hard on getting the ultimate presentation to two number-one (and I mean number-one) production companies and teams who will be reviewing both Forever Family reality TV shows very soon. I can’t say who they are because it’s just not done in order to keep from jinxing things, but I can promise that if they agree to take the shows on you will be shocked out of your mind at who they are and what a miracle it will be for all of us. We’ve also been working hard making extensive reno plans for a new headquarters right here in Las Vegas that is ginormous enough for everyone to live comfortably while shooting the shows, and yet needs substantial renovation and completion. So that’s what’s been happening with us, and good news is, if we get these shows into production, we’ll have a lot more time to keep everyone updated here with everything that will be going on, from putting together the live show to recording the second and third CD’s.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated if these great companies decide they can’t take the shows on.