Leslie Lee Bell and Michael Feldman of the Forever Family are actively seeking a loan for $1,000,000, to be backed with the collateral of the property involved plus their current holdings for the purchase of a notorious rundown large house on which they can shoot the pilots for both their renovation show and their music reality TV show. This loan will allow them to purchase the property, begin renovations and immediately begin shooting the pilots for both shows as well as do editing on their existing pilot to fit footage previously shot into the new formats.

This would be an incredible opportunity for a company looking for a fantastic public relations coup as a well-recognized eyesore for more than a decade is renovated to its ultimate potential and put to use as a home and a reality TV show set/location for two shows while the neighborhood, city, and country cheers. The loan would be quickly paid off when the shows are sold to the networks. Application has already been made to several select companies, so this opportunity may be withdrawn at any time without further notice.

Interested parties please contact Leslie Bell at (702) 278-2936 at your earliest convenience. All information is already up on our website, including extensive before and after presentations to which interested and qualifying parties will be granted immediate access.