Well there it is. Fascist Neo-Nazi Rock nets 1 million a year, and YET NOT A SINGLE RECORD COMPANY will even call The Forever Family, even after a half a million views on youtube.

Is the world really THIS ef’ed up?

You tell me. SMART record companies AND the MSM would be falling over themselves right now to sign and promote every single “family” type “peace-love” band they could find, before another Tipper Gore starts another inevitable, at this point, witchhunt.

ESPECIALLY one with TWO reality TV series in the works with enormous potential. Not to mention FANTASTIC music in ANY era.

And how many reality TV shows and rock bands have someone WHO WON THE FRICKING OSCAR IN THEM?

But that’s how we see it. We REFUSE to live in a world that profits off hate.

Do you?

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Democratic Financier, Financiers, or Bundler Sought

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, in FF News, by Les



America’s PREMIERE unsigned, undiscovered LOVE AND PEACE pop rock supergroup seeks $1,000,000 to immediately:


  • 1. Purchase a notorious derelict renovation property for two reality TV shows, one as a location for a reality TV show about how the band puts together its live show (touring on filming hiatus), and

  • 2. Use as the renovation property for a second renovation show that will mutually reinforce the first series and vice versa.

  • 3. Shoot two pilots and one music video with network-approved production companies, to place the shows on a major network or networks.


    Property is in the Las Vegas area which, to all reports, has reached the bottom of the real estate market. Collateral will be the property itself, which will only go up in value as fame and renovations are made.


    The group has had an established web presence for eight years, including five years on myspace and one year on youtube with over half a million views. The music is brilliant and is available elsewhere on this website for free download, as well as all information about the VERY talented (and surprising) members of this enterprise.

    We need an enterprising unique high-risk individual who would love being either an active part of this project, or a silent partner. We will return DOUBLE the investment, made in at least equal payment installments or MORE at our discretion, over the period of one year, to start at the end of three years from the receipt of funds. If a single payment cannot be made, the property will be returned in full with all improvements intact.


    We would respectfully ask that folks in the GOP and conservatives do NOT waste time applying. All else are gratefully welcome.


    For more complete information and links to extensive info about the property, please e-mail theforeverfamily@embarqmail.com or call me at my personal cell (702) 278-2936 anytime.


    Thanks for reading, your understanding, and for your consideration.


    Leslie Lee Bell





    Already many questions have come in as to exactly WHY we are rejecting offers of help from GOP/Conservatives.


    The answer is simple. Smart businesspeople are smart enough to go with the clear winner, and demographics insures that the GOP and conservatism as they exist today are dying out.


    Whatever your political beliefs, smart money goes with winners. One gets nothing at all from losers or future losers.


    Our project needs smart money; it does not need stupid money, NOR is stupid money likely to give us any help whatsoever, because stupid will be unable to see the potential in our project.


    It really is that simple. If you happen to be one of the handful of conservative gamblers who like to throw your money away and gets as much a charge out of losing as winning, our project is not for you. You will me far more happier wasting your money on buying yourself a very temporary political candidate or a loser or a PAC.


    People who bet against the majority of the American People are not only going to lose everything, they’re not going to understand this project in any way whatsoever.


    And the majority of the American People are not, nor will they ever be, conservative, no matter how much money is thrown away. America itself was founded by radicals rebelling against a tyrannically conservative foreign government, and the spirit lives on.


    That is the simple fact of the matter. If you get it, contact us. If you don’t, you probably haven’t read this far anyway.



    Also: If the Merritt family in Canada is looking for up to seven lost US heirs and heiresses via Ellory, I’ll gladly take a blood test.