All About The Forever Family!

Okay, so what’s more unlikely than a made-for-TV family group, that wasn’t really a group, selling millions of records and becoming the biggest musical pop phenomenon of the early 70’s?

Give up? How about a real rock band with Oscar-winning (‘Elmer Gantry’) actor/singer Shirley Jones (who was also incidentally in that first phenomenon listed above) at the keyboards, singing, and emcee’ing? Recording hit songs AND touring AND a hit reality TV show? In 2010!?

Couldn’t happen? Guess again.

When Leslie Lee Bell and Michael Feldman set out ten years ago to make their Las Vegas condo into a credible facsimile of Western Recorders, Studio 2 (possibly the most famous studio in the world where millions of hit records were recorded by The Beach Boys, the Mamas and Papas, the Fifth Dimension, the Association, the Grassroots, The Partridge Family, Petula Clark, Frank Sinatra, Elvis; the list is endless) and set out to amass one of the largest single collections of vintage keyboard and guitar gear on the planet (including a real 8' 4" harpsichord), they never dreamed their music project of covering songs from the ‘66 to ‘76 (pre-disco) time period would garner the interest of anyone in the industry, let alone someone they revered as “Mama Partridge”. Tell me more>