Mike Holmes SAW our project!!!

On Friday, March 30, 2012, in FF News, by Les

I promised I’d let everyone know as soon as I knew something, and so here it is!

Just got an e-mail from Mike Holmes!!! He saw our project! This means a lot to us, because as you might or might not know, we’ve been trying to get it to him since December of 2010.

Unfortunately, he’s too booked up for the next several years to take it on. However, though, there is still a way we might be able to get the house overseen by his company and still get the Holmes name on it (and built right.)

They’ve got a division called Holmes Homes that builds custom homes. Oversees the entire construction. When we sell our shows, we’re seeing if they will allow us to hire them to oversee the reno, so that way we “Make it Right”.

So that’s where we stand now. We just hired a brilliant editor and producer in his own right to cut a new sizzle reel which will be going up on youtube in May. This will also be shopped to all the major production companies.

So things are moving.

We’ll let you know any more info as it becomes available. Right here on the blog and in the forum and on Facebook.

Thanks for all your support. Oh, we’ve surpassed 4000 hits a day to the website beating all former records. Also for CD downloads!

And the youtube channel is rapidly approaching a million views!!!

Thanks everyone!!



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