Call it nuts, call it a feeling, call it ridiculous faith in the face of overwhelming odds, call it belief, I just think we’re going to finally sell the TV shows THIS month.

Maybe it’s the networks getting tired of providing soft core sex and violence porn dramas for church ladies and their kids who can’t get the real stuff on the internet. There’s a new drama about firefighters, and of course the first promo has this shirtless stud getting it on in a locker room. Nice. TV learned the lessons of “Pan Am”, a truly GREAT show that unfortunately didn’t get to the soft core porn in time, until the 5th or 6th episode. GONE.

Look, TV drama, that’s what you’re there for: repressed church women and their kids who aren’t allowed on the internet to see REAL porn. We used to call it “romance” novels in the 70’s when housewives had time to read.

And reality TV? You’re no different. You’re worse. Call me nuts, I think THIS season is going to be the one where execs and the public put THEIR feet down and say “NO” to talentless Kardashians, porn tape Hiltons, and downfall of civilization guidos and guidettes on “Jersey Shore”. I think TV and the public have just about had enough of PURE CRAP.

I think there is at least ONE TV exec out there that would like to put something on the tube and have it successful that they would be PROUD to have their kids watch. Real people with real talent, overcoming life’s obstacles. Like a dying music business where no one can make money off recordings anymore because everyone steals. And it costs a fortune to get it on the radio, call it whatever you want to. Just to have people hear it enough to WANT to steal it. And execs who sign talent with their schlongs.

But that’s all negative, yesterday, and I’m really feeling hope tonight. Mike and me went up to the house as we do on many nights, and the moon and the stars were just so clear tonight, incredibly almost supernaturally clear. Normally the moon washes out the stars, but not tonight. Orion was directly over the house, and it just seemed like suddenly all the hopelessness and disgust with the world evaporated. The nation will be getting further and FIRMLY on track in November with many obstructing jackasses shown the door. A new day is coming.

And with it, a couple of TV shows about this crazy unlikely love and peace happy pop band, of crazy fun people who can actually rock. And would never win “Idol” or “America’s Got Talent” or be cast on “Glee” because they’re just too freakishly different. While at the same time being like a TV family from forever ago that you knew and loved forever and grew up with, believing that when you too grew up and were in charge of YOUR life, the world would be a much better place.

That’s The Forever Family. That’s what they’re all about. That’s why their TV shows are finally going to sell this month.

It’s just time.

And it’s all right, NOW.


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