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This is It!! You found It!!


When we say free, we mean FREE!! The ENTIRE CD plus GRAPHICS! You don't even have to register! Don't you hate it when you go to click to get something free and they want ALL your personal info? SO DO WE! So you don't have to! Unless you DO want to know about what we're working hard on, that's what the MAILING LIST BUTTON is for.


Click here if you want us to be able to let you know about everything that's happening with us! And we will! And we promise NEVER to give or sell your info to anyone, ever, at any time, for any reason!


The GIVE BUTTON is where you get to help us out. But ONLY if you can, we know times are rough!! We have to be a profit corporation for the future, unfortunately anything you donate won't be tax deductible for either of us. But until we start touring and shows, this will be our only source of income since our music is free. Please give what you feel you can, and help out the folks who can't afford anything but can still have our music!! And thanks forever!

P.S. If you can't help via paypal®, you can do it in person or via regular mail. Check the Contact! Page for all the info! And remember for the next three months HALF of what you give will go to Japanese Earthquake Relief!! They thank you forever too!!


This is for the really special folks who are able to afford donating $5 monthly that paypal will deduct each month out of your account. This is for folks who really want to sponsor us, and the same rules apply as to the GIVE BUTTON. No tax deductions as we aren't a non-profit and can't be even if we wanted. But for people who love us that much, thanks just won't ever be enough!


At paypal®, BE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHO YOU ARE BY PUTTING YOUR INFO INTO THE MESSAGE AREA!! Then we can send you surprises for helping us out!



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