CD Downloads and Web Traffic Break All Records!

For the last two months, the Forever Family have given away more CD downloads than ever before! Last month broke all previous records for downloads, and this month web traffic has once again, broken all previous records.

The Forever Family also established strong prescences on You Tube, Facebook, and Reverb Nation. Reverb Nation is especially important to us because if you can gain the respect of your fellow bands and musicians, you've really made it. And our You Tube videos are on the verge of going viral!

Make sure you check them out and thanks for being there for us!


New Website Finally Debuts!

Promised for more than two years, the all new Forever Family website arrived on February 17, 2010-2014! Packed with tons of fun and all new features, it also marks the return of the FF Forum Bulletin Board, where everyone's posts and resigstrations from the old board are still intact. The Forum is fun because, unlike a blog, everyone can post messages and people can respond to each other on all sorts of topics. But the new website has a blog too, with weekly youtube videos with Les telling everyone what's been happening that week and everyone free to make comments there too, plus a link to Twitter! A news page, bios of everyone in the band, the entire CD available for a complete listen, or even download! There's a page for registering to keep up with all the info, plus a place where you can support your favorite band! Even a store, where one day we hope to sell posters and an entire clothing line! So check it out and explore if you haven't already. Oh, if you're reading this you must already be here! Have fun!


Don't Forget MySpace!

Make sure you friend us on MySpace and visit there often too. We're there at ! And if you found us here by coming from there, be sure to let everyone you know there about here, too! And thanks! We wouldn't be here without you!


Free CD Signings Sundays-Mondays In Las Vegas!

If you're going to be in Las Vegas (or live there already) be sure to come on by FF Headquaters either on Sundays from 1 to 2 PM or on Monday evenings from 7 to 8 PM and meet Les who'll be GIVING AWAY and signing FREE CD's! Check the Contact! page for the address and a map, and see you there! Please be sure if you park across the street to cross with the light only at Karen across Eastern!


The Forever Family Releases First CD “The Forever Family ‘Light’”

Finally, after years of recording and waiting, the first Forever Family CD is out, and the band is giving it away absolutely free!! Both downloads on their website and the CD at their headquaters in Las Vegas, aboslutely free. While the cover lists only 10 songs, in reality the CD holds a surprise bonus cut as well as ten more bonus cuts! Shirley sings lead on “Ain't Love Easy”. “You Send Me”, and a heartbreaking version of “What A Wonderful World”. Les sings “We Can Fly”, “Everything That Touches You”, “When You Say Love”, “I'm On My Way Back Home”, “Is One Without You”, “Just Walk Away”, and “Much Too Late”.

Containing songs originally recorded by the Cowsills, The Association, The Partridge Family, Sam Cooke, and Louie Armstrong, Les also wrote four of the ten songs on the CD, including the bound for number one hit “When You Say Love“ which they've released as their first single.

Plans are already in the works for the next CD, with Shirley singing lead on three more great rock songs and Stephanie and Avis getting a turn at lead on one song apiece. And all of it shown in the 2nd season of their reality TV show!

light CD

FF Reality TV Shows Looking For Production Companies and Networks

The Forever Family actually has TWO reality TV shows in the works; the first, which is about the band working together on their first live performances and tour, has a rough-edited pilot shot with Shirley recording her lead songs and our first photo session. This is going to be a fun show as Shirley learns to rock for real by guest stars we'll hope to get every week like Ozzie Osbourne, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Lady Ga-ga, Avril Lavigne, Tina Turner, David Cassidy, Gene Simmons, and even Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! All in the huge 70's style house they located in Vancouver, Canada, and back and forth to Las Vegas.

The second show is an HGTV style renovation show, as they restore the house to its original 70's glory and decor and all the havoc that insues trying to put together a show and shoot a reality TV show with contractors and their crews underfoot, detailing the work involved and progress each step of the way.

FF Friend Harpist Passes


Very sad news. We just learned that our wonderful friend, the brilliantly talented harpist on our recordings “We Can Fly” and “Ain't Love Easy” died suddenly a few months ago at only 52, just a week after her marriage. Caryn Wunderlich Gott Rohbock was a dear friend of ours, who gave selflessly to help our music live. Daughter of famed organist Klaus Wunderlich, she with her two sisters ran Southern Nevada Music for decades. She gave us credit on our Yamaha grand piano when no one else in the world would and let us pay it off for four years, and we owe her so much! We're going to miss her deeply. She is survived by her daughter, a wonderful harpist in her own right, and a son, also an incredible percussionist. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and everyone else who loved her.


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